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Confronting Unconscious Bias with Dr. Arie Nettles

A majority of our decisions are heavily influenced by unconscious bias, which creates detrimental effects in the healthcare industry and beyond. To better understand how to confront and eliminate...

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Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dan Brillman | Session 24

COVID-19 has laid bare an undeniable fact: the people hardest hit are those who already lack resources, have limited access to quality social and clinical care, and in some...

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Shepherding Reproductive Mental Health with Dr. Linda Kim

As many of you in our community know, I am a very passionate advocate for mental health and well-being. Moreover, I continue to remain dedicated in leveraging our podcast...

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Expert Coronavirus Updates with Maureen Sullivan | Session 23

Due to the growing physical and mental demands and implications on caregivers while we battle COVID-19, it is of great importance our community better understands these demands in order...

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Solving the Entrepreneur Mental Health Crisis with Aaron Houghton

Our mental well-being is a critical component to producing meaningful and positive change many of us want to see in the world. Entrepreneurs are working tirelessly to help improve...

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Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Marcy Willard | Session 22

As we now all experience, COVID-19 has disrupted our daily routines, both for adults and children. This crisis has also reduced access to social and medical services, which has...

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