Accelerating Healthcare’s Digital Transformation with Madhuri Sebastian

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Committed to unleashing the power of data and interoperability to advance the future of health and care, our next guest is helping lead the charge in connecting healthcare’s fractured data systems.

Madhuri Sebastian, GM, and Head of Data Management & Interop Solutions at Philips, joins us to discuss how she and her team utilize its integrated interoperability platform to transform data into actionable insights for better quality, care, and access.

Join us to learn how Madhuri and Philips are accelerating digital transformation for the healthcare industry to achieve life-changing health and data outcomes for billions of people across the world. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Madhuri’s journey of becoming a national leader in healthcare innovation at Philips.
  • Why contemporizing health informatics and data flow can make a difference in improving the health of the world.
  • How Philips achieves greater data outcomes and rectifies the issue of lack of seamless patient data sharing through its interoperability platform.
  • How interoperability and data management are being used to advance cardiology outcomes.

About Our Guest:

Madhuri Sebastian is the GM and Head of Data Management & Interop Solutions at Philips, based in Boston. Madhuri joined Philips in July 2021, having been at GE Healthcare for 17 years, where she was VP of AI Clinical Partnerships. At GE Healthcare, Madhuri led the AI product development with major academic institutions in operational and workflow analytics.

Madhuri is a leader in the digital health space and brings innovation and execution together at Philips. Madhuri is on a mission to use data to enable insights for better care, quality, and access.

Madhuri’s specialties lie in:

  • AI for imaging and workflow automation
  • Consumption & SaaS-based business models
  • Deployment, Adoption & Customer Success in SaaS solutions in healthcare
  • DevOps, Service & Technical Operational Excellence
  • Talent Development & Team Leadership

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