Accelerating Medical Reimbursement with Andrew Lockhart

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At times, when patients experience healthcare’s inefficiencies and brokenness, some of these patients turn their frustration into innovative startups that are dedicated to reimagining an industry that we all know can be so much better.

During this episode, Andrew Lockhart, the CEO of Fathom, joins us for an insightful discussion about how his team is applying the intersection of deep learning and natural language processing to the healthcare industry medical record.

While together, Andrew shares how his knee injury, and receiving his medical bill, opened his eyes to the opportunities to improve medical coding, a massive area in healthcare ripe for innovative ideas and technology.

Join us to learn from Andrew and the mission he is on in building Fathom and how you can get involved as we continue to work together to move our healthcare industry forward!

Episode Highlights:

  • Andrew’s knee injury that led him to experiencing the broken healthcare system
  • How Andrew went about learning the intricacies of medical coding
  • Why Andrew knew there is significant opportunity for improving the industry
  • The opportunities to engage and partner with Andrew and the Fathom team

About our Guest:

Andrew Lockhart is the cofounder and CEO of Fathom, a Google Ventures and Founders Fund backed startup using machine learning to automate medical coding. Previously, Andrew cofounded another venture-backed machine learning startup as well as lead design and innovation projects for Fortune 500 clients for global design firm, Idea Couture. He is active in the startup communities in both San Francisco and Toronto as a seed investor and mentor with StartX. Andrew received his MBA from Stanford and his BA from the University of Toronto.

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