Adding Precision to Healthcare Data with Sean O’Malley

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Episode Overview:

During this episode, Sean O’Malley, CTO of Monocle Insights, joins us to discuss how his company is providing precise, simple, and actionable healthcare data to address the industry’s toughest problems.

With a background in behavioral economics and machine learning, Sean brings a unique perspective to healthcare innovation and shares with us his passion for injecting insight into an industry drowning in noise.

While together, Sean stressed the importance of building skills and maintaining curiosity to make a meaningful impact.

Sean also outlined the challenges of selling healthcare products and how Monocle Insights has pivoted to meet its clients’ needs. By operating outside of a traditional healthcare system, Sean’s company has been able to find solutions to complex problems for the industry..

Join us to learn more about the exciting innovations Sean and his team are building at Monocle Insights. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Importance of building up one’s skill set and nurturing a sense of humble curiosity in healthcare innovation
  • Sean’s journey from being academically capable to understanding the additional dynamic of solving problems in a language that people speak
  • The complexity of the healthcare industry and the changing culture within it
  • Why Sean and his team launched Monocle Insights and their aha moments
  • The behavioral economic aspect of selling healthcare products in the marketplace
  • Challenges in creating unlocks for some health tech companies due to analysis paralysis and nebulous understanding of ROI
  • Monocle Insights’ pivot to offer clients the ability to quantify the ROI of their product and understand opportunities in the market.

About our Guest:

Sean O’Malley has spent his career in the practical application of behavioral economics, machine learning, and social network science aimed at the optimization of markets, improvement of complex systems, and betterment of the individuals therein. After building his technical chops in digital advertising, a stint working in developing world public health sparked a love affair with healthcare that continues until today.

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