Advancing AI Cough Detection with Iulian Circo

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Living in a world where the digital and physical realities have begun to intertwine, our next guest is rewriting the standard healthcare playbook by providing accessible quality front-end medical services to achieve a positive global impact.

Iulian Circo, Co-Founder of Hyfe, joins us to discuss how his team has built the world’s most advanced AI-assisted cough classifier that provides individuals and physicians essential diagnostic information. Julian also shares how Hyfe is empowering its patients by combining acoustic epidemiology and AI learning that delivers cost-effective and real-time data to their smartphone.

As innovation in healthcare is rapidly accelerating, join us to discover how Iulian is transforming the industry and impacting global health through advancing AI cough detection. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Iulian’s roots in humanitarian work helped him create a purpose-driven tech startup that resonates with his customers
  • Hyfe’s clinical applications for individuals and physicians as a digital platform that quantifies coughs at scale
  • How Hyfe is building their machine learning model by collecting millions of real world sample data
  • The big changes Iulian’s excited to see coming into healthcare, including the transfer to a digital space that provides better accessibility and diagnostics

About our Guest:

Iulian Circo is the Co-Founder of Hyfe, the world’s best acoustic AI cough detector. He is a serial entrepreneur and recovering humanitarian operating at the frontiers of technology and impact.

Iulian has taken to scale and founded global impact ventures in health and fintech, among others. These included dozens of humanitarian missions as well as building & running country operations for global organizations in places such as Somalia and Mozambique. Iulian is also actively involved with several impact-minded ventures, either as co-founder, adviser, investor, or board member.

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