Bringing Health Data to Life with Dr. Oleg Bess

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With the ever-increasing complexity of patient health data-sharing and real-time interoperability requirements, our next guest has been deeply committed to helping healthcare organizations create a patient-centric view of clinical data.

Dr. Oleg Bess, CEO of 4medica, joins us to discuss how he and his team have been solving data integrity, financial, and wellness management challenges to achieve accurate clinical interoperability and transparency in healthcare.

Join us for this needed conversation to learn more about 4medica’s integrative Big Data Management and Clinical Data Exchange cloud solutions that bring health data to life. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Bess’ journey from physician to technology entrepreneur.
  • The biggest barriers to digitizing patient data.
  • What’s behind 4medica’s state-of-the-art patient health record and connectivity platform.
  • Dr. Bess’plans to further aggregate data to improve patient safety.

About Our Guest:

Oleg Bess, M.D., is a founder and chief executive officer of 4medica. He leads the 4medica leadership team and the company’s product development strategy across inpatient, ambulatory, and other new care settings to meet the demand for affordable and rapidly deployable cloud-based interoperability and connectivity solutions.

With a quarter-century of healthcare experience, Dr. Bess has spent the last 20 years honing his development and leadership expertise in informatics while maintaining his 25-year-old OB/GYN practice in Los Angeles. A board-certified OB/GYN physician, he is a nationally recognized gynecological and laparoscopic surgeon.

Dr. Bess is a member of several medical societies including the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). He earned a bachelor of science degree in zoology from Louisiana State University (LSU) and a doctorate degree at LSU Medical School Medical Center in New Orleans. Dr. Bess completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at LSU – Charity Hospital in New Orleans and fellowship training in laparoscopic reproductive surgery at the Society of Reproductive Surgeon/ Endoscopic Gynecologic Surgery, Center for Pelvic Health.

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