Building Clubhouse’s Healthcare Community with Henry Peck

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Over the years, social media platforms have been impactful to drive global connection and collaboration for healthcare industry leaders and innovators.

While adhering to social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic, the need for online communities has become even more critical. Due to this current state of affairs, the new social audio platform, Clubhouse, has quickly become an outlet for authentic connection worldwide.

During this episode, engineer turned product marketer Henry Peck joins us to discuss why he launched and built the MedTech Club on Clubhouse, a healthcare-focused community that has rapidly grown to over 50,000 members and followers.

Join us to hear Henry’s patient journey, how he started his Clubhouse community, why he is so passionate about the social audio movement, and your opportunity to be a part of the journey. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Henry explains his current work with robotic-assisted surgery
  • Why Henry launched the MedTech club in Clubhouse
  • What Clubhouse is
  • The future state of digital collaboration and social platforms for healthcare

About our Guest:

Henry Peck is an engineer turned product marketer, building the next generation of robot-assisted surgery at Johnson & Johnson. He leads the MedTech Club on Clubhouse, one of the largest healthcare-focused communities with 50,000+ members and followers. Inspired by his own patient journey, his background spans prosthesis, exoskeletons, and additional emerging technologies in healthcare.

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