Connecting Health Innovators with Taylor McPartland

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As the healthcare industry continues to experience massive change, there is more opportunity than ever for entrepreneurs to positively impact the outcome.

But, for these entrepreneurs to realize their goals to reimagine the healthcare industry, we must develop support systems for these inspiring leaders.

Our next guest, Taylor McPartland, CEO of ScaleHealth, joins us to discuss his company’s mission to build a global health innovation ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs, startups, strategic partners, and communities.

While together, Taylor shares why he became so passionate about enabling entrepreneurs, where ScaleHealth is expanding to, and why partnerships with companies like Olive are critical to the success of ScaleHealth.

Join us for this exciting conversation to learn how you and your community can get involved with ScaleHealth as we continue to work together to reimagine the healthcare industry. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Taylor is so passionate about enabling entrepreneurs
  • How his passion for healthcare innovation began
  • Where ScaleHealth is growing across the nation
  • The importance of partnerships with companies like Olive
  • Where Taylor sees healthcare innovation moving forward into the future

About our Guest:

A Northern California native, Taylor moved South in 2003 to attend Whittier College. Upon graduating, he became heavily involved in the growing Los Angeles tech community when he co-founded a data marketing platform in 2010. Over the next several years, Taylor developed a passion for empowering entrepreneurs to chase solutions to address the systemic problems that face our society. With this mission in mind, he founded ScaleHealth in 2018 and, subsequently, the ScaleLA Foundation. With the mission of building a global health innovation ecosystem by connecting startups, strategic partners, and communities, ScaleHealth supports several hundred startups and works with over 100 investment funds as well as many hospitals, insurers, and strategic partners. Growing rapidly, ScaleHealth now has hubs in Orange County, Vietnam, Austin, Detroit, and Ohio with others on the way.

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