Creating the Pinksocks Global Movement

In episode 5, we spent time with two healthcare innovation executives who started a global movement of connection, empathy, and love through the simple act of gifting pairs of pink socks.

What started as one gifted pair of pink socks in 2015 has turned into almost 60,000 pairs today.

Nick Adkins is the Co-Founder of Pinksocks Life, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting authentic human connection around the world. In addition to empowering people from all walks of life to connect with anyone and anywhere, he serves on the advisory boards at Cloudbreak Health and

Andrew Richards is the other Co-Founder of Pinksocks Life. In addition to his work with the Pinksocks movement, Andrew leads health technology innovation at the Elson S Floyd College of Medicine at Washington State University. He also co-founded Amend Health, which drives start-up companies to address healthcare challenges in rural and underserved communities.

During our time together, Nick and Andrew shared how this globally reaching movement and community started, where they are today with their non-profit, and their plan to further grow the important work of the organization.

I also asked Andrew and Nick to share some specific examples of how the power of connection and gifting of pink socks has made our communities better around the world. Stay tuned for some very inspiring stories that demonstrate the power of this movement!

Toward the end of the podcast, we explored a few examples of how you can start your journey of creating community and togetherness as well as how you can get involved with the pinks sock organization.

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