Crowdsourcing Innovation at Scale

In episode 38, I had the opportunity to spend time with a serial entrepreneur and globally-minded social impact innovator that I deeply admire and respect.

Christian Cotichini is the Co-Founder and CEO of HeroX, empowering everyday people to create, compete, and share XPRIZE style incentive contests to solve local and global problems. In short, HeroX’s platform is the world’s problem-solver community.

During our time together, Christian shared his passion and commitment to empowering knowledge workers and the global economy they are creating.

After three successful startup exits, Christian is more excited than ever to help innovate our world and to offer the HeroX platform to battle COVID-19.

While recording and on the spot, Christian and I decided to share a sneak peek into a game-changing partnership we have created to help others take on the pandemic at scale!

I’m incredibly grateful to be surrounded by innovative thinkers and doers like Christian, especially during these trying times. I can’t wait for you to get to know Christian and to experience his genuine spirit to make our world a better place, even while facing a global pandemic.

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