Delivering Diabetes Education with Miguel Johns

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After personally experiencing the effects of diabetes in his family, coupled with his training and expertise as a fitness and nutrition coach, our next guest became determined and deeply passionate to help as many people around the nation as possible by delivering diabetes education from industry-leading experts to the palm of a patient’s hand.

Miguel Johns, Founder, and CEO of KingFit, joins us to share how his company is helping people living with diabetes and why sustained behavior change is critical to conquering the disease.

Additionally, Miguel outlines where he sees diabetes education, coupled with technology and innovation, will head in the future.

Because of leaders like Miguel, I remain confident we can move the health of our nation forward! Join us for this meaningful and passionate conversation. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How diabetes has personally impacted his family
  • Why he started KingFit
  • Where KingFit is focused with patients living with diabetes
  • The importance of behavior change to solve diabetes
  • How KingFit is leveraging the Netflix and Hulu ‘effect’ to create engaging content
  • The feedback of patients how have used KingFit

About our Guest:

Miguel Johns is passionate about human performance, mindset, and health and is the founder of KingFit. He is a professional public speaker, former nutrition coach, strength coach, and former D-1 athlete, with a background in exercise science. Additionally, Miguel loves to solve complex problems that take patience and consistent effort. Almost everyone in Miguels’s family over 50 has diabetes, including his father and grandmother…so he decided to start there.

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