Delivering Outcomes for Strategic Initiatives with Alex Castro

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During these times of significant acceleration in digital transformation, our next guest is pushing the healthcare industry to embrace and implement structural change so organizations can deliver their mission in effective ways.

Alex Castro, CEO of M Corp, joins us to discuss how he leads the world’s only outcome management company focused on selecting and executing strategic initiatives that deliver a faster and more successful outcome.

Additionally, Alex discusses his book, ‘Measure, Execute, Win,’ which examines the industry’s cognitive biases that profoundly influence decision-making practices and the need to strip those biases out for more precise data-driven services.

Join us to learn how Alex and his team are bridging the gap between strategy and execution so companies can maximize outcomes. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • M Corp’s origins and Alex’s work in the immunization space
  • The disruptive market shift from information-gathering back to information-utilization
  • The industry’s predisposed biases and beliefs discussed and why they contribute to healthcare’s structural issues
  • Why the industry needs to move away from ancillary practices and towards adaptation and mission delivery

About our Guest:

Alex Castro is Co-founder and CEO of M Corp, where they believe your potential is their purpose. He is an execution strategist, has a best-selling book ‘Measure, Execute, Win,’ and has developed platforms that take ideas to outcome faster and more successfully.

One area of M Corp’s expertise is public health, where they have been guiding and delivering immunization program outcomes for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state public health departments for more than 16 years. In the last 18 months, M Corp has delivered the initial COVID-19 vaccine ordering systems and deployed cloud-based robotic process automation solutions to clear backlogged and pending data records to enhance COVID reporting, forecasting, and rollout digital vaccine records.

Alex is a father of two, an avid rower, mountain biker, and hiker, and lives in the mountains not too far from Lake Tahoe.

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