Enabling Access to Excellent Healthcare with Cody Hall

Deeply passionate about following patient care from beginning to end, our next guest is creating opportunities for underserved communities to equitably access excellent healthcare across our nation.

Cody Hall, founder and CEO of Octiva Healthcare, joins us to discuss how he and has team are partnering with facilities to provide telehealth and hybrid-based wrap-around services for his customer’s existing operations.

Additionally, Cody shares why he launched Octiva Healthcare, the ups and downs of being a startup founder, and what Octiva Healthcare’s long-term vision is.

Join us for this uplifting and important conversation to learn how Cody and the Octiva Healthcare team enable access to excellent healthcare. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • What is Octiva Healthcare
  • How Octiva Healthcare came to be
  • Cody’s view on value-based care
  • Cody’s long-term vision for Octiva Healthcare
  • Feedback from Octiva Healthcare patients

About Our Guest:

Cody Hall is the Founder and CEO of Octiva Healthcare. Cody has a diverse background in military, technology, and healthcare making him capable of leading organizations and teams effectively. Cody led customer service and Human Resource teams from early-stage startups to industry-leading tech giants, creating benchmark customer experiences and employee journeys for teams, large and small.

Following his time with larger organizations, he set off to impact innovative companies, starting and assisting multiple startups in developing world-class teams, customer experiences, and technology workflows. After years in technology, Cody was recruited to join the Titanium Healthcare Team as the Chief Compliance Officer. Cody led the company’s cultural development, policy and refined the organization’s human capital management abilities. Cody’s time at Titanium inspired the creation of Octiva in 2020.

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