Engineering Personal Health with Dave Korsunsky

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Driven by the passion to achieve peak performance, our next guest shares how he broke past the limitations of a-then growing health data industry to help make data more accessible and optimized for the masses by bringing it right to our fingertips and devices with personalized analytics and insights.

Dave Korsunsky, founder of Heads Up Health, joins us to discuss how his background in data analytics led to the creation of his company and its aim to aid everyone- from health enthusiasts to everyday Americans- on how to make better sense of our health by quantifying it in more intuitive and meaningful ways.

Join us to hear from one of the industry’s most passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs as we continue to work together to move the health of our nation forward. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Dave’s experience in data analytics brought him into the healthcare industry
  • The limitations he observed in the industry recording health data and how to meaningfully apply it
  • The creation of Heads Up Health as a consolidate for personalized health data and community provider’s reception
  • The sustainability of Heads Up Health in the long-term and post-COVID
  • The future he aims to achieve for his company and the healthcare industry as a whole

About our Guest:

David has fifteen years of experience working for industry leading technology firms and most recently served as Director of Technical Alliances at VMware (NYSE: VMW), Inc. where he led strategic partnerships with global EHR companies including EPIC, Cerner, McKesson, GE, Allscripts, and many more. David went on to lead sales engineering at CloudPhysics, a big data firm collecting and analyzing over 80B data points per day. As an avid health enthusiast, he recognized an opportunity to build a software solution that makes it easier for anyone to take control over their health through better use of their data.

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