Expert Coronavirus Updates | Session 2

In episode 33, we asked a national leading emergency medicine physician and healthcare innovation thought-leader to update our community about the fast-moving Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Rich Zane is the Chair of Emergency Medicine and the Chief Innovation Officer at the UCHealth.

Dr. Zane has been widely published in peer-reviewed publications, and his work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and Wall Street Journal. Recently, Dr. Zane was named a New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst Thought Leader in Medicine.

By partnering with companies, from small start-ups to multinationals, and using the power of data science, remote monitoring and prescriptive intelligence, Dr. Zane is attempting to fundamentally alter and improve the way in which healthcare is delivered.

I’m fortunate for Dr. Zane’s leadership, perspective, guidance, and determination during these trying times for our nation and beyond.

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