Expert Coronavirus Updates | Session 3

In episode 35, we spent time with an emergency room physician and a healthcare industry champion to update our community about the fast-moving Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Darria Long is a renowned expert in making life and health better for women and is a regular health contributor on CNN, author of the best-selling book Mom Hacks, as well as a board-certified Emergency Department physician and a digital health executive. Given her experience and expertise, Dr. Darria holds a unique, multifaceted perspective of the healthcare system, especially during these unprecedented times.

During our time together, Dr. Darria helped clear up several misconceptions about COVID-19 and discussed practical ways we can be managing our families and ourselves while practicing social distancing with the goal of finding balance and mental well-being.

I’m thankful for Dr. Darria’s passion and desire to spend time with our community while she dedicates taking care of hers while on the front lines of this pandemic.

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