Expert Coronavirus Updates with Chaun Powell | Session 18

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare provider systems across the nation have experienced shortages in personal protective equipment and other essential products to keep frontline workers protected and to keep the virus at bay. Due to these realities, what have been the lessons learned to better arm our healthcare heroes moving forward?

Our next guest is perfectly positioned to answer these vexing questions.

In this episode, Chaun Powell, Vice President of Strategic Supplier Engagement at Premier, joins us to talk about his team’s work and how they’re solving these massive and systemic problems.

Premier is a healthcare improvement company uniting an alliance of approximately 4,000 U.S. hospitals and health systems and more than 175,000 other providers and organizations to transform healthcare.

Chaun leads the COVID-19 disaster response team for Premier, which went into action in January to respond to the global crisis. Chuan and his team have been diligently working to help inform the CDC, FEMA, Secretary Azar, and the White House task force on the challenges in front of us and how best to counteract them.

Join Chaun and me to find out how Premier is working to meet our healthcare providers’ needs to battle the Coronavirus and beyond.

Episode Highlights:

  • The mission of Premier’s disaster response team
  • What it means to diversifying supply chain both onshore, nearshore, and offshore
  • Why is it critical to have innovators working alongside large organizations like Premier as well as federal agencies

About Our Guest:

Chaun Powell is the Group Vice President of Strategic Supplier Engagement with 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, national accounts, business and corporate development, and GPO negotiation.

As the Group Vice President of Strategic Supplier Engagement at Premier, Powell is responsible for providing leadership, strategy and execution to supply chain services consisting of product planning, contract management, negotiation, field liaison and member engagement; leading strategic engagements and developing of business plans for all suppliers of the surgical services and med/surg distribution service lines; and positioning Premier, supply chain services and strategic supplier engagement with strategic suppliers, their expanded organizations, leadership and the overall healthcare industry.

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