Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Kim Gandy | Session 35

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As we now recognize, the Coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the structural problems and inequities in our healthcare system. However, this crisis has also accelerated the adoption of many technologies to care for patients the industry aims to serve.

During this episode, Dr. Kim Gandy, a remote patient monitoring expert, and a national health technology industry leader joins us to discuss Play-it Health’s efforts to battle COVID-19 with its personalized remote patient monitoring and virtual care management platform.

While together, Dr. Gandy shares how her company came to be and the quick and decisive business decisions she made during the pandemic’s early onset. Additionally, Dr. Gandy outlines how Play-it Health is helping our frontline healthcare heroes and the opportunities for our community to engage with her team.

Join us for this timely expert Coronavirus update as we continue to work together to overcome the most significant public health challenge in our lifetimes.

Episode Highlights:

  • History and overview of Dr. Gandy’s vision and need for Play-it Health’s technology
  • How Dr. Gandy and the team quickly adjusted their strategy to address the pandemic
  • Play-it Health’s commitment to using their technology for remote monitoring in nursing facilities
  • The use of educational modules to help battle the pandemic, including vaccine hesitancy

About our Guest:

Dr. Kim Gandy is a physician, scientist, and entrepreneur with a deep-seated belief in the potential of digital health solutions for optimizing health outcomes. She launched Play-it Health (PIH) in the health adherence engagement space, aiming to utilize digital health technologies to improve adherence, one of the elements known to have the most potential for impact in value-based medicine. Though value-based care never reached significant adoption in the health marketplace, remote patient monitoring or the ability to monitor patient biometrics outside of the clinical setting did. Since RPM was a part of the PIH platform from the beginning, Play-it Health has found itself poised with an RPM solution embedded in a platform with some of the highest adherence rates in the industry.

Over the last year, PIH has sought to use its platform, Plan-it Med, to improve community efforts to combat the Coronavirus. Dr. Gandy is not only a former pediatric cardiac and transplant surgeon, she is a scientist, having obtained her Ph.D. from Stanford and having run international committees in translational research. As such, she was imminently qualified to be able to mold the PiH platform to meet community needs in a pandemic.

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