Expert Coronavirus Updates with Piotr Orzechowski | Session 34

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In times of great need, the healthcare industry is fortunate to have dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs who step up to answer the call to deliver solutions that better our communities’ health.

During today’s episode, Piotr Orzechowski, the CEO of Infermedica, joins us to discuss his company’s efforts in answering the call for help to battle COVID-19.

Join us for this powerful conversation to hear why Piotr, a former video game developer, applied his brilliance to the healthcare industry, how his team quickly pivoted to create solutions for the pandemic, and how you can get involved in Infermedica’s inspiring, meaningful and timely mission.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Infermedica was conceptualized
  • Creating a COVID-19 risk assessment tool
  • How Infermedica stays current with new discoveries about COVID-19
  • The future of Infermedica in a post-pandemic world

About our Guest:

Piotr Orzechowski is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Infermedica, one of the leading Artificial Intelligence health companies dedicated to improving the process of medical diagnosis. Piotr is an energetic IT entrepreneur with a strong technical background with key interests in digital health and machine learning. Before founding Infermedica, he was engaged in several startup ventures; Piotr previously worked as CTO at Sky Storage and co-founded QCode, the software house that delivered custom IT solutions for Toshiba TTCE Poland.

Infermedica aims to provide each patient with a better idea of what kind of care to look for, offering recommendations for courses of action to take to receive medical diagnoses from a doctor– all by answering a simple list of questions.

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