Helping Americans Breathe Easier with Tonya Winders

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Dedicating herself for over 20 years to end the needless death and suffering for patients living with allergies and asthma, our next guest answered the call to take her passion to a national scale by leading one of the most established and respected patient advocacy organizations in the United States.

Tonya Winders, President & CEO of the Allergy & Asthma Network, joins us to discuss how she and her team are engaging, educating, and empowering millions of healthcare professionals and patients to improve quality of life and promote equitable and optimal health outcomes for Americans diagnosed with respiratory conditions.

With the patient’s voice and well-being at the heart of the Allergy & Asthma Network’s mission, join us to learn how Tonya and her team are helping Americans breathe easier. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Tonya’s journey in the allergy and asthma field and growing into her position of CEO
  • Allergy & Asthma Network’s grassroots operations to actively engage the patient voice and drive policy change
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic opened a new door of opportunity for Allergy & Asthma Network
  • Why achieving the balance between grassroots and high-speed digital engagement serves as the guiding path for the organization’s future

About Our Guest:

Tonya Winders, MBA is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Allergy & Asthma Network, the leading patient advocacy organization dedicated to ending the needless death and suffering due to asthma, allergies and related conditions.

Tonya has over 20 years experience in leadership roles within the allergy and asthma industry. From sales and marketing leadership to managed markets access, she has worked tirelessly to ensure patients have access to effective diagnostic and treatment tools.

Tonya serves on several expert panels including the ATS Public Advisory Roundtable & GINA international guidelines. Furthermore, she is on the board of directors for the Alliance to Prevent Legionnaires Disease and the American Respiratory Care Foundation and is the current president of the Global Allergy & Airways Patient Platform, representing >60 patient organizations throughout the world.

Personally, Tonya is the mother of five children, four of whom have asthma and/or allergies, ranging in age from 16-23 years old. She enjoys spending time with her husband of 26 years Brian Winders and doting on her first grandchild, Brentlee.

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