Helping Providers Make Better Prescribing Decisions with Carm Huntress

As many of us know and experience, runaway drug costs for patients the healthcare industry serves are no longer sustainable, and it is due time for innovators to help put our system back on the right track.

In this episode, I sat down with Carm Huntress, the CEO of RxRevu, to share his journey and passionate mission of providing solutions to promote cost transparency, improve patient satisfaction, and support data-driven medication savings opportunities.

With over 20 years of experience in startups focused on consumer and enterprise technology, Carm is well-positioned to guide us toward helping doctors help patients receive better medications at a better price, right when they need it.

Get ready for a powerful and inspiring conversation that will demonstrate that we can reimagine the healthcare industry when we work together! Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How RxRevu was founded
  • Carm’s journey as an entrepreneur working beside RxRevu Co-Founder Dr. Kevin O’Brien
  • RxRevu’s adoption in the healthcare system
  • What’s next for RxRevu

About Our Guest:

As CEO and Co-founder of RxRevu, Carm Huntress has successfully taken Prescription Decision Support from a concept to a reality for physicians, payers, health systems, and patients. At the center of this work is to transform the value of healthcare through better prescribing decisions and a more informed, frictionless prescribing process.

At a national level, Carm has played a key role in supporting interoperability and patient access to data through the development of the FHIR standards and other projects with the ONC.

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