Implementing Asynchronous Video Technology with Meghan Nechrebecki

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Episode Overview:

As someone who has seen firsthand the struggles patients face in navigating care, and the burnout clinicians and staff experience due to unstandardized 1:1 conversations, our next guest knew something had to change.

Meghan Nechrebecki, CEO of Health Care Transformation, joins us to discuss her passion for finding solutions to systemic healthcare challenges, and how her team at HCT is revolutionizing the way care is delivered through innovative digital video technology.

Join us to learn how Meghan and the HCT team are not only making healthcare more effective and efficient for patients but also reducing burnout and improving the overall experience for clinicians and staff by implementing asynchronous video technology. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How did HCT start
  • The responses Meghan first received about HCT
  • The gaps in ensuring a value-based care
  • Who is HCT, and the benefits it brings to clinicians and patients
  • The financial ROI of async video technology
  • Meghan’s vision for the industry and where HCT is heading

About our Guest:

Meghan Nechrebecki, MSPH, is the founder and CEO of Health Care Transformation. She is a leading healthcare administration expert who has been solving complex systemic healthcare challenges at top institutions for over a decade, including UCLA Health, Privia Health, The Advisory Board Company, and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. Her expertise lies in healthcare systems improvement, healthcare analytics, value-based care, population health, and digital marketing. She earned her MSPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where she was a Delta Omega Alpha scholar and she earned her B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Biochemistry and Spanish where she was a Hilldale Scholar. Check out Meghan’s Ted Talk “Shaping the Future of Health Care”. She has been a top speaker at conferences including ViVE, HIMSS, and the Healthcare Facilities Symposium. She has been featured on many shows, podcasts, and written publications including Good Morning LaLa Land, Business Rockstars, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Medical Economics, and more. Health Care Transformation is her first company.

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