Investing in Self and the Future of Healthcare

In episode 17, we took the podcast to Nashville, Tennessee during a business trip and spoke with a self-taught serial entrepreneur, healthcare innovation venture capitalist, author, and professional sports team owner.

Marcus Whitney is the President and co-founder of Briovation, an innovation catalyst company with the mission to be the catalyst of the world’s most important health innovations. Through Briovation, Marcus is the CEO of Health:Further, a strategic advisory firm for the healthcare industry, as well as a Founding Partner of Jumpstart, a new kind of venture capital firm focused on innovative, early-stage healthcare companies.

During this episode, Marcus shared his journey in becoming a leading national voice for investing in and empowering healthcare innovation and disruption.

But, most importantly, Marcus shared with us how he came to grips with confronting decades of unaddressed trauma that was triggering self-sabotaging behavior. Marcus is now flourishing with his daily mental well-being exercises and offered insights on how all of us can also participate in being authentic to ourselves and find mental well-being in our daily lives.

I want to thank Marcus for spending time with me during my visit to Nashville, a city and community that continually welcomes me with open arms. Most importantly, I want to celebrate Marcus for bringing his inspiring authenticity to our conversation on this podcast, which I know will help empower others to invest in self to invest in the world around them.

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