Managing Medicare and the Aging Journey with Joseph Schneier

As many of us know and experience, both personally and professionally, the American healthcare system is fraught with complexity and financial opaqueness.

Fortunately, there are passionate and determined leaders in our community working tirelessly to solve these systemic issues we face as a nation.

In this episode, we are joined by Joseph Schneier, CEO of Trusty Care, to discuss his team’s mission to improve older adults’ financial and health outcomes and make sure no American goes through bankruptcy because of healthcare costs.

I look forward to having you join us for this meaningful and important conversation as Joseph shares with us his long journey of working to solve complex social issues, why he started Trusty Care, and how you can get involved. Let’s do this!

Episode Highlights:

  • Why and how Joseph began building Trusty Care
  • Joseph’s motivation even after multiple startup exits
  • How his wife inspired him to build Trusty Care
  • Trusty Care in the face of COVID-19 pandemic
  • What’s next for the Trusty Care team

About Our Guest:

Joseph Schneier is a serial entrepreneur who with his co-founder, founded and exited two companies in the Ed Tech sector. Following that, Mr. Schneier worked with behavioral research scientists productizing their research with technology-based solutions for patient behavioral change with a focus on HIV drug adherence, health literacy, pandemic response, and addiction.

In 2013, he co-founded Cognotion–a company focused on solving the talent shortage of healthcare workers. In 2018, Mr. Schneier founded, an insurtech company for the retiree population, whose mission it is to make sure no retiree goes through bankruptcy because of out of pocket healthcare costs. In 2020, with James Firman, the former CEO of the National Council on Aging, Mr. Schneier founded Bellage, a company empowering older adults in health choices.

The company has launched a Covid-19 application for older adults with Florida, Michigan, New York, St. Louis, LA County and Washington State. Mr. Schneier has spoken at TedMed, Lake Nona, JP Morgan Healthcare and is a mentor at New York University, Wharton, Cornell, Techstars, and is a Columbia University Fellow.

Mr. Schneier sits on the board of The Sam and Devorah Foundation for transgender youth, Superbia Credit Union, a LGBTQ credit union, and the board of Stonewall Community Development Corporation, a non-profit focused on LGBTQ senior housing and is a member of the LGBTQ+ Biden Council.

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