Orchestrating Patient Care with Greg Miller

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Episode Overview:

From not planning a career in healthcare to having over 35 years of amazing experience in digital health technology, our next guest is more passionate than ever about moving our industry forward by lowering the cost of care and improving the patient experience.

Greg Miller, Chief Growth Officer at Lumeon, joins us to discuss how his company is providing a cloud-based care orchestration platform that automates the tasks, workflow, activities, and events that occur during the process of coordinating care.

Join us to learn how Greg and the Lumeon team are orchestrating patient care that allows healthcare staff to deliver more efficient and meaningful patient experiences. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Greg entered the healthcare industry
  • Why Lumeon was created
  • What automation means to the healthcare industry and the patients it serves
  • Top issues the healthcare industry struggles with
  • Lumeon’s impact on the healthcare system
  • Greg’s vision for the industry and Lumeon

About our Guest:

Greg is the Chief Growth Officer for Lumeon, leading Lumeon’s go-to-market strategy in North America. With more than 35 years of experience in the Digital Health industry, Greg brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Lumeon and its customers. He has held executive leadership roles in sales, marketing, corporate operations, and strategy in leading Digital Health companies such as TSI, Picis, IBM, Medicity, Aetna, Health Catalyst, and Talkdesk. Greg has made it his mission to transform healthcare, with a focus on lowering the costs of care, enhancing quality and improving the patient and member experience. Greg is certified in healthcare quality and process improvement from the Healthcare Delivery Institute’s Advanced Training Program at Intermountain Healthcare.

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