Personalizing Probiotics with Sunny Jain

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Episode Overview:

After struggling to solve his son’s gut health issues with generic probiotics, our next guest took it upon himself to create a custom probiotic for his child and now aims to do the same for the millions of people worldwide who suffer from gut health issues.

Sunny Jain, CEO and founder of Sun Genomics, joins us to discuss how he and his team are personalizing gut health by customizing precision probiotics and nutrition for individuals based on their DNA and biomarkers.

Join us as Sunny walks us through his founding story of Sun Genomics and how his company’s technology is transforming lives for years to come. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • What led Sunny to create Sun Genomics
  • Sunny’s overview of studying DNA, gut microbiome, and biomarkers to provide precision probiotics and nutrition
  • How Sun Genomics has been reshaping the lives of people
  • Sunny’s vision of the future for Sun Genomics and the customers they serve

About our Guest:

With over 20 years of Molecular and Microbiology experience, Sun Genomics’ founder and CEO Sunny Jain originally had the idea for Floré after struggling to solve his own young son’s gut health issues with generic probiotics from the shelves. Sunny took it upon himself to create a custom probiotic that worked for his son, and now aims to do the same for the hundreds of millions of people who suffer from gut health issues worldwide.

Before starting Sun Genomics, Sunny worked at Illumina for seven years. He was part of the team to establish the Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory and went on to sequence the first whole human genome in a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory. Prior to Illumina, Sunny worked for Labcorp in the molecular oncology laboratory and has over 20 years of experience in commercializing biomarkers.

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