Powering Patient Similarity Networks with Amnon Bar-Lev

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With the digital revolution accelerating in the healthcare industry, our next guest is leveraging the power of health data and social networks for patients and consumers to develop meaningful relationships with others who share the same, often life-changing, journey.

Amnon Bar-Lev, CEO of Alike, joins us to discuss how he and his team are unlocking the power of patient similarity networks. Through proprietary AI technology, crowdsourcing, and big data, Alike is transforming medical records to empowering insights and connecting patients to a supportive community of individuals who share the same journey – all without sacrificing user privacy.

Join us for this important conversation as we learn how Amnon and the Alike team are building a new world for patients wanting to actively engage in their healthcare journey. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Amnon’s transition to the life science industry and why he created Alike.
  • Alike’s aim to be the world’s largest patient similarity network.
  • What the current end-user feedback has been for the Alike team.
  • Amnon’s view of the future of health data and its importance to all of us.

About Our Guest:

Amnon Bar-Lev, co-founder and CEO of Alike Health was the former President at Check Point Software Technologies. Prior to joining Check Point, Amnon was the founder and CEO of Xpert Integrated System Ltd. Amnon began his career in the Israeli Air Force and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Management from Tel-Aviv University and has continued his studies at the faculty of medicine, school of graduate studies.

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