Prioritizing Healthcare Innovation with Aaron Martin

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With over twenty-five years of founding startups and leading global product and innovation initiatives, our next guest is leveraging his passions and skillset to help our healthcare industry rapidly and sustainably create, adopt, and implement healthcare innovation at scale.

Aaron Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Providence, joins us to discuss how he and his team are building a world-class digital innovation hub to identify unmet needs and drive solutions designed to improve health at the community level.

Additionally, Aaron shares how his previous professional pursuits set the stage for him to help lead a national movement of industry professionals prioritizing healthcare innovation that improves convenience, lowers costs, and improves quality.

Join us for this timely conversation to learn why and how Aaron and his team invest in its communities and health innovation leaders to create lasting change across the healthcare industry and our nation. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Aaron’s professional career leading up to Providence and the value he brings to the organization as someone from outside of healthcare.
  • Providence Venture’s process of focusing on innovation and commercial partnership within the greater healthcare ecosystem.
  • The three big opportunities health systems can take in solving some of the industry’s biggest problems.

About Our Guest:

Aaron Martin is the Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Innovation Officer for Providence where he leads Digital, Marketing, and Ventures for Providence. Aaron is also Managing General Partner for Providence Ventures where he is responsible for early stage/venture technology and device investments for the $300M Providence Venture fund.

Aaron has more than 25 years of experience in product, ventures, and technology, including leadership of the Amazon teams that transitioned traditional publishing from physical books to Kindle. He has experience as an executive/founder at two venture-backed startups and has held strategy positions at McKinsey & Company. He currently serves on the board of Wildflower Health, Avia, Xealth, and Kyruus. He is also a board member of Presbyterian Healthcare Services in New Mexico. Aaron holds a BS in Economics and Music from Austin College and an MBA in finance and healthcare management from The Wharton School.

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