Shepherding the Precision Health Movement

In episode 46, I had the honor to spend time with a healthcare visionary who has dedicated his 30-year career to leading disruptive medical technology companies and shepherding a global movement to transform healthcare to Precision Health.

Kevin Hrusovsky is the Chairman and CEO of Quanterix and the Founder and Chairman of Powering Precision Health and is regarded by his peers as a pioneer in his industry.

Because of Kevin’s leadership, he has accelerated the adoption and value creation of many game-changing non-invasive early detection technologies for Oncology, Neuro-Degeneration, and Cardiology, which has transformed drug development and disease prevention.

While together, Kevin also shared his passions outside of his pioneering work, as well as how his professional journey has positioned him to help lead his globally-recognized organizations. Additionally, Kevin outlined how his teams are well-positioned to help with the global battle against COVID-19.

I can’t wait for you to get to know Kevin, and experience the passion and determination he has to make our world a healthier place. It is because of leaders like Kevin that I remain incredibly confident we will conquer crises like the Coronavirus pandemic, by rallying around leaders like Kevin and by doing it together!

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