Solving Healthcare’s Complexities with Dr. Michael Petersen

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As a nationally recognized thought leader on health equity, community, and social health, our next guest has dedicated his work and mission to solving healthcare’s complexities through thoughtful innovation.

Dr. Michael Petersen, Chief Clinical Innovation Officer at NTT Data Services, joins us to discuss how his journey as an emergency medicine pediatrician at several large health systems, including five years as Chief of Pediatrics, has positioned him to drive industry value through patient-centric experiences, data analytics, and leading-edge technologies.

Additionally, Dr. Petersen shares why the power of partnerships is critical to solving the issues that have held the healthcare industry back for so long.

Join us for this conversation as we continue to work together to move the health of our nation forward. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Dr. Petersen’s childhood was so impactful on his life journey
  • How innovation will continue to positively shape the healthcare industry
  • Dr. Petersen’s call-to-action to other industry leaders

About our Guest:

Dr. Michael Petersen is a transformative physician executive and Chief Clinical Innovation Officer at NTT DATA Services in the healthcare provider consulting practice. He’s focused on helping clients solve complex challenges by bringing NTT DATA Services unique innovative capabilities that drive value by continuously putting the patient and health care provider first, through patient centric experiences, data, analytics, and leading-edge technologies. Dr. Petersen brings over 20 years of deep health industry knowledge of emerging technologies, strategy and consulting that drives value for clients. As an industry recognized thought leader on health equity, community, and social health, he brings proven experience in helping clients understand and address the complexities of solving the social determinants of health while bringing a sophisticated approach on focused return on investments.

As a seasoned physician executive, Dr. Petersen leverages his clinical leadership as an emergency medicine pediatrician at several large health systems including 5 years as Chief of Pediatrics. He developed his proven empathetic leadership skills while serving in the United States Army and during his clinical career.

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