Teaching New Languages to Improve Healthcare with Ray Blakney

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After serving abroad in the Peace Corps and seeing the opportunity to create his own business, our next guest built brick and mortar language schools in Mexico, where students could engage in true language immersion.

But his students wished they could experience the same level of immersion and education from the comfort of their homes.

Over thirteen years later, and delivering the needs and solutions his students wished for, Ray Blakney, CEO of Live Lingua, now operates the oldest online language learning school on the planet!

Along the way, Ray and his team discovered exciting opportunities to help educate and empower our healthcare workers by teaching them other languages to better serve their patients and colleagues.

Join us to hear Ray’s inspiring journey of building Live Lingua and how his company is passionately teaching new languages to improve healthcare. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Ray’s journey of becoming an entrepreneur.
  • How Live Lingua was born.
  • Redefining failure.
  • The unique ways Live Lingua is helping our healthcare workers and industry.
  • The benefits of learning a new language, both personally and professionally.

About Our Guest:

Ray Blakney is the CEO and co-founder of Live Lingua, a renowned online language school. Live Lingua offers a unique and immersive approach to mastering a new language, as it pairs users who want to learn Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more with their own hand-picked, certified, native-speaking tutor for online teaching sessions.

An award-winning, Filipino-American entrepreneur, speaker, and podcaster, Ray builds and helps others build 6- and 7-figure businesses on a bootstrap budget using SEO.

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