Transforming Children’s Mental Health with Dr. Parker Huston

As many of you know, I am very passionate about elevating the conversation regarding our mental health and wellbeing and I remain more committed than ever to move this vital part of our lives out of the dark corners and into the light.

To further my commitment, I asked a national leader in the field of pediatric mental health to share his pioneering journey, work and mission of improving the mental wellbeing of children across the country.

During this episode, we are fortunate to learn from Dr. Parker Huston, Clinical Director for the On Our Sleeves Program, which is part of Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Huston and his team are working tirelessly to make mental healthcare accessible to all children, and their caregivers, in every community across our nation.

I look forward to having you a part of this important and timely conversation, and how you and your community can help Dr. Huston’s mission with the On Our Sleeves program as we continue to work together to move our mental health and well-being forward during these critical times.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Parker Huston’s background in science
  • Identifying and solving for gaps in pediatric mental health
  • Introduction and overview of the On Our Sleeves program
  • Ways to interact and support On Our Sleeves

About Our Guest:

Parker Huston, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and Clinical Director of the On Our Sleeves Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He is also the Population Health Clinical Lead for Behavioral Health. He works part-time in the Comprehensive Pediatric Feeding Clinic as well. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Miami University of Ohio, then earned master’s and doctoral degrees from Michigan State University. He continued his training at Allegheny General Hospital and The Children’s Institute Rehabilitation Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA followed by a fellowship in Pediatric Psychology at Akron Children’s Hospital. He has a current faculty appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

In his role with the On Our Sleeves movement, Dr. Huston works on population mental health initiatives. He develops, manages and shares mental health content and advocates for children’s mental health on a local, regional, and national level. He also provides education and programming to families, schools and companies on how to discuss mental health and improve mental wellness and access to services in their community. He enjoys speaking with children, families, community and business leaders, and others who are passionate about improving children’s mental health and bringing increased awareness and access to resources into the community.

Dr. Huston’s passion is rooted in providing education and opening doors so that children and their families can achieve their maximum potential and feel like they have agency in their lives. He believes that improving children’s mental health is important to set them up for success as adolescents and adults. Focusing on good mental health practices during childhood can create healthy habits throughout the lifespan.

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