Transforming how to Address Addiction with Fred Muench

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Overcoming the throes of drug misuse to eventually lead a national organization and movement to help others in our communities experiencing addiction is the very definition of triumph and who a passionate pioneer is.

During this episode, Fred Muench, the President of the Partnership to End Addiction, shares his heartrending personal journey and how his experiences transformed his life to serving others across our country.

While together, Fred also outlines how the Partnership to End Addiction came to be, why technology has been transformative for the people he serves, where he sees the organization heading into the future, and how you and your community can get involved.

Join me to hear Fred’s powerful and inspiring message for all of us as we continue to work together to reimagine the health of our nation.

Episode Highlights:

  • Fred’s own experience with addiction and overcoming it
  • The reality of the situation right now in this pandemic and the healthcare support system
  • The changes that we need to help our communities across the country
  • Partnership to End Addiction’s method and process to help our nation

About our Guest:

Fred is a clinical psychologist and the President of The Partnership to End Addiction (, which is the merger of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse and The Partnership for Drug-free Kids, where he served as the President and CEO. His focus is on building, testing, and implementing digital interventions to prevent problem substance use and treat addiction in real-world and clinical settings. This includes the comprehensive direct to parent and caregiver services offered by the Partnership including it’s national helpline, mobile support applications, online support groups, peer support services, and self-guided e-learning. In addition, Fred has been the PI on multiple behavioral health grants from NIAAA, NIDA, FDA, RWJF Pioneer, Upswing, Twilio, and many other foundations and is an author on numerous articles to improve health outcomes using technology. Fred is also the co-founder of Vagus Labs (, which uses their patented non-invasive passive stimulation technology to improve physical and mental health.

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