Unlocking Healthcare Data to Transform Care with Josh Rubel

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Episode Overview:

During this episode, we are joined by Josh Rubel, the Chief Commercial Officer at MDClone, a passionate industry expert leading a trailblazing health tech company on a mission to revolutionize healthcare data analytics.

While together, Josh delves into the crucial role of striking a harmonious balance between clinical and business aspects when crafting innovative healthcare solutions. Discover how MDClone’s cutting-edge ADAMS Platform empowers health systems, payers, and life science organizations to organize, access, and protect patient data, driving research, quality improvement, and innovation for better patient outcomes.

Additionally, Josh shares his thoughts on emerging technologies like ChatGPT and generative AI, poised to shape the future of our industry. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion of how Josh and the MDClone team are unlocking healthcare data to transform care. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Importance of the clinical case and business case in healthcare innovation
  • Josh’s background and how he joined MDClone
  • MDClone’s vision of improving healthcare via real-time learning of health systems
  • Examples of how MDClone has helped healthcare providers
  • Emerging technologies in healthcare, such as chat GPT and generative AI
  • The importance of data in decision-making and the challenges around it
  • Labor shortages in healthcare and how to make use of data

About our Guest:

Josh Rubel leads MDClone’s commercial team with a focus on building relationships with public and private health systems, life science, and health plan organizations through direct sales, partners, and channel alliances. Prior to joining MDClone, Josh spent 20 years in both established and new venture healthcare IT organizations including commercial leadership roles at GE Healthcare, Optum, and Enli Health Intelligence.

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