Workforce Optimization in Healthcare with Marty Ray

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Episode Overview:

During this episode, we sit down with Marty Ray, Executive Director of Workforce Optimization at Providence, a national-leading health system spanning the West Coast.

With hands-on experience across clinical, technology, and leadership roles, Marty brings creative problem-solving to address workforce challenges.

While together, Marty gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Providence’s strategic approach to empowering caregivers and adopting new technologies. Marty also unpacks the multifaceted nature of workforce optimization, from using AI to augment human workflows to listening intently to caregiver needs.

Join us as Marty shares feedback directly from Providence’s vast network of frontline clinicians and staff on emerging technologies and hear his passion for collaborating across the healthcare industry to reimagine our caregiver workforce during this national staffing crisis. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Listening deeply and asking questions is critical for understanding needs and finding common ground
  • Workforce optimization puts frontline caregivers at the center when evaluating workflows, pain points, and potential tech solutions
  • Getting raw feedback from clinical end users is crucial to ensure tech helps rather than hinders
  • Healthcare has unique change challenges requiring building trust and overcoming automation stigma through collaboration
  • To address workforce shortages, increased collaboration across organizations is needed- healthcare must unite to solve shared problems

About our Guest:

Martin Ray is an accomplished healthcare leader with practical experience in clinical, technology, and executive environments. He brings creative and collaborative leadership to every situation and environment, aiming to overcome the challenges facing healthcare by fostering opportunities that strengthen connections between culture, strategy, technology, and operational execution. With a diverse set of skills including Balanced Scorecard development and strategy execution, business intelligence data management, Lean Six Sigma project management, and technology product/services implementation, he is well-equipped to achieve his goals.

Throughout his career, Martin has been a valuable member of successful business and clinical teams, where he has cultivated a positive workplace culture through inclusive communication and decision-making processes. He firmly believes in the power of diverse perspectives when crafting opportunities for interpersonal, professional, and organizational growth.

Martin understands that leadership and culture are shaped by the process and communication of decision-making. He strives to maintain a balance between emotion and reason, ensuring that his decisions positively impact his team, customers, stakeholders, and the organization as a whole.

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