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Augmedix allows clinicians to focus on what matters most: patient care

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As clinicians on the frontlines continue to navigate the challenges of COVID-19, reducing administrative burden associated with the EHR will be instrumental to streamline and enhance productivity in busy hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices or homes (for those practicing telemedicine).

Nearly 75% of clinicians surveyed say they spend over 10 hours per week on paperwork and medical notes.

Passionate Pioneers is honored to partner with Augmedix, a leading provider of remote scribe services that offers remote medical documentation and live clinical support.

Speciality-trained Augmedix scribes leverage proprietary automation technology, including speech-to-text software and natural-language-processing modules, to create timely, accurate, and structured notes from natural clinician-patient conversation. 

Key Benefits:

  • Saves 2–3 hours per day on administrative tasks
  • Improves productivity by 20%
  • Increases work/life satisfaction by over 40%

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