Expert Coronavirus Updates with Ramin Bastani | Session 26

It is well documented that speed is life in order to battle this global pandemic. During this episode, I’m honored to be joined by Ramin Bastani, the CEO of...

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Nudging Care Teams to Work and Live Better with Niraj Swami

Providing patient care while meeting the constant requirements of non-clinical duties has become overwhelming. Over 40% of physicians report signs of burnout, and 30% also spend 20 hours or...

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Expert Coronavirus Updates with Mara Aspinall | Session 25

It is now well proven that accurate diagnoses help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but there is still much work needed in this arena to help battle this deadly...

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Confronting Unconscious Bias with Dr. Arie Nettles

A majority of our decisions are heavily influenced by unconscious bias, which creates detrimental effects in the healthcare industry and beyond. To better understand how to confront and eliminate...

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Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dan Brillman | Session 24

COVID-19 has laid bare an undeniable fact: the people hardest hit are those who already lack resources, have limited access to quality social and clinical care, and in some...

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Shepherding Reproductive Mental Health with Dr. Linda Kim

As many of you in our community know, I am a very passionate advocate for mental health and well-being. Moreover, I continue to remain dedicated in leveraging our podcast...

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