Unleashing AI to Propel Value-Based Care with Jay Ackerman

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Episode Overview:

How can innovative technology accelerate the shift to value-based care? According to our next guest, Jay Ackerman, CEO of Reveleer, it starts by empowering healthcare organizations with AI-driven data analytics.

As a veteran enterprise software leader, Jay is focused on Reveleer’s mission to streamline quality improvement, risk adjustment, and member management through their transformative platform.

While together, Jay shares his vision for leveraging natural language processing and machine learning to digest clinical data at scale and he reveals how Reveleer helps health plans and providers unlock insights, enhance outcomes, and confidently execute value-based care initiatives.

Join us to learn how Jay and his team are pioneering the future of data-driven healthcare delivery! Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Pioneering the use of AI, NLP, and machine learning to digest massive clinical data sets
  • Helping healthcare organizations accelerate the transition to value-based care models
  • Reducing administrative burdens on providers through intelligent data workflows
  • Unifying disparate clinical data sources to enhance quality improvement and risk adjustment
  • Driving the future of data-driven healthcare through advanced analytics capabilities

About our Guest:

Jay is an Enterprise Software executive responsible for setting the vision, strategy, and objectives for Reveleer. As a leader, he is also keenly focused on shaping and stewarding the culture at Reveleer to attract a robust collaborative team, while driving an innovation mandate to execute our mission to accelerate value-based care.

He is a seasoned software and services executive with over 30 years of experience in various leadership capacities. While at Reveleer, he established the company as a leader in SaaS solutions to enable our customer set to take control of these critical value-based care programs.

Before Reveleer, Jay was the Chief Revenue Officer at Guidance Software, a publicly traded software security company. He is equally proud of his contribution to the success of ServiceSource, where he was the Worldwide Head of Sales and Customer Success at ServiceSource and WNS North America. WNS, where he was the President & CEO. Both organizations grew rapidly and joined the public markets.

Jay holds his MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Connecticut College. Jay recently concluded a ten-year stay on the Board of Trustees at Lawrence Academy, a college preparatory school he attended in Massachusetts. Jay resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two boys and can often be found on the weekend coaching or cheering on his boys.

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