Advancing the Future of Clinical Trials with Jane Myles

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Episode Overview:

Being deeply committed to transforming the way we approach clinical trials with the goal of bringing medical innovations to patients faster and more efficiently, our next guest has been a driving force in improving trial design and execution for over 25 years.

Jane Myles, Vice President of Clinical Trial Innovation at Curebase, joins us to share the importance of collaborative problem-solving and openness to new opportunities that is at the heart of her personal success and what helped lead her to Curebase. She also discusses the integration of healthcare and clinical trials, and the potential benefits of data aggregation at scale, leading to more accurate results and avoiding unnecessary tests for patients.

Join us as we explore Curebase’s exciting journey toward better patient care, and learn how you can contribute to advancing the future of clinical trials. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Jane’s journey to Curebase and the power of saying “yes”
  • The DTRA initiative and the playbook for decentralized clinical trials at Curebase
  • Curebase’s flexible solution for clinical trial data capture, patient engagement, and insights
  • The tension between drug development organizations and regulatory requirements for population data in drug development
  • The new omnibus legislation driving Curebase’s mission
  • The future of clinical trials and the importance of blending healthcare and clinical trials
  • Data aggregation at scale and making hidden signals more visible

About our Guest:

Jane has focused on improving clinical trials and patient experience for more than 25 years. Her passion is driving innovation into the trial design and execution to get medicines to patients faster. Currently, she is the V.P. of Clinical Trial Innovation at Curebase, a DCT technology & services provider.

She’s also an initiative co-lead and a member of the DTRA leadership committee. She worked at Roche / Genentech for 17 years in many roles, including operational program manager for hematology, ultimately working on driving patient-facing technology into global trials.

In prior lives, she held various roles in DCT optimization at LabCorp, and ran

global trials at Lilly and Sanofi.

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