Amplifying Voice in Oncology & Rare Disease with Matthew Zachary

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After surviving brain cancer that put an end to his dreams of becoming a concert pianist, our next guest rerouted his fiery passion and became a global leading cancer advocate for his generation by igniting conversations and activating others through the simplicity of radio.

Matthew Zachary, CEO of Offscrip Media, joins us to discuss his journey of building an unshakable community, amplifying voices, and promoting health equity and patient advocacy through the power of storytelling.

Additionally, Matthew discusses his original nonprofit, Stupid Cancer, and how he created the young adult cancer movement advocating for age-appropriate equity and dignity for millions worldwide.

Join us for this moving and powerful conversation as Matthew continues his march to improve the quality of life for patients and caregivers in oncology and rare disease. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Matthew’s experience with cancer and how it led him to founding his first nonprofit, Stupid Cancer.
  • Matthew’s 3 key influencers for Stupid Cancer and its fundamental premise to disrupt society’s conversation on cancer.
  • Creating Offscrip Media and America’s desire to consume content and healthcare.
  • His hill to die on: channeling the anger of his listeners towards creating effective policy and guaranteeing consumer protections.
  • The democratization of health services and economics.

About our Guest:

Ten years after surviving brain cancer at age 21, Matthew Zachary founded the award-winning nonprofit Stupid Cancer, created The Stupid Cancer Show (the first health podcast), and gave birth to the young adult cancer movement advocating for age-appropriate equity and dignity for millions worldwide.

Having stepped down as CEO of Stupid Cancer in 2019, Matthew is now Co-Founder and CEO of OffScrip Media, the first audio broadcast network and educational publisher focused on health equity and patient advocacy.

Hailed as “The Howard Stern of Healthcare” and “The People’s Voice in Healthcare,” Matthew is still behind the mic with his acclaimed show Out of Patients, a no-BS podcast about how to make healthcare suck less for cancer and rare disease communities.

Matthew is also an award-winning concert pianist and film composer. He lives with his wife and twins in Brooklyn, NY.

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