Automating Patient Explanations with Dr. David Grew

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After personally experiencing persistent inefficient knowledge transfer between him and his patients, our next guest is making it his mission to enhance physician efficiency by incorporating doctor-created digital explanations into their practice.

Dr. David Grew, CEO of PRIMR, joins us to discuss how he utilizes his passion for teaching to build a digital platform for healthcare providers who can create curated medical content for their patients to view securely and on-demand and free from misinformation.

Join us to find out how Dr. Grew and his team are shifting the current knowledge paradigm by creating a new future for healthcare communication and education at scale. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Dr. Grew’s time doing whiteboard teaching for medical students served as the big lightbulb movement to create PRIMR
  • PRIMR’s aim to solve the inefficient knowledge transfer between doctor and patient
  • How Dr. Grew overcame the hurdle of ensuring the security of patient-specific data and information
  • Dr. Grew’s advice and insights for those interested in pursuing entrepreneurship
  • Where PRIMR’s content creation focus fits into an industry where automations and workflows are quickly advancing

About our Guest:

David Grew is a radiation oncologist and the founder of PRIMR, a new platform for doctors to share digitally recorded versions of their common explanations with patients. He is the chair of the Cancer Committee at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT and has numerous peer reviewed publications and oral presentations at international medical conferences on an array of cancer types including head and neck, breast, lung, gastrointestinal and prostate cancer. His vision for doctors in the future: “Where my predecessors sketched on exam table paper, the next generation of doctors will conduct an orchestra of their own digital assets.” He is a pioneer in the growing new category of doctor creators.

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