Correcting Broken Sleep with Matt Berg

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As a college student fascinated by the transformative power of sleep, our next guest has made it his life’s mission to build a technology company that improves cognitive, emotional, and physical health by preventing issues and correcting broken sleep. One night at a time.

Matt Berg, founder of Somni, joins us to discuss his journey of building a high-growth startup, the reasons why he remains so passionate about sleep, and where Somni is heading into the future with combining sleep health and genetics testing.

Additionally, Matt shares some exciting avenues for you and your community to get involved with the Somni mission.

Join us for this important topic of conversation as we continue to work together to move the health of our nation forward. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Matt and I first met
  • Why Matt founded Somni and what it took to pull it off
  • The reasons why Matt is so passionate about sleep health
  • The magnitude of the sleep problem in the United States
  • Where Somni is heading into the future with genetics testing
  • How you and your community can help Somni move forward

About our Guest:

Matt Berg is a believer that sleep is the Archimedes’ lever of health. He works across Somni teams to help design, build, and deploy products and services aimed at improving health and longevity through meaningfully improving sleep. Previous to starting Somni he worked on a translational research team developing new therapeutic targets for Niemann Pick Type-C, a neurodegenerative disease. He has a background in Psychology and Chemistry and is a graduate from the University of Notre Dame.

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