Creating the Internet of Healthcare with Dr. Jeremy Friese

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On a mission to transform healthcare for the good of patients, providers, and payers, our next guest is paving the way to finally connect both sides of healthcare’s fax machine.

Dr. Jeremy Friese, President of Payer Market at Olive, joins us to discuss how he and his team are building the only artificial intelligence and process automation company designed specifically for healthcare.

Join us for this inspiring conversation to discover how Dr. Friese and the Olive team are rapidly growing their Payer business in coordination with their established Provider business to deliver value across the healthcare ecosystem as they continue their march in creating the Internet of Healthcare. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of Dr. Friese’s journey at Mayo Clinic that helped enable him to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Olive’s mission of connecting providers, payers, and patients to create the Internet of Healthcare
  • What automation means for the healthcare industry
  • Dr. Friese’s plans for Olive to play an increasing role in making the healthcare industry more interconnected

About Our Guest:

Dr. Jeremy Friese, M.D., M.B.A., is a physician executive with a demonstrated passion for improving healthcare, first as a physician executive at Mayo Clinic and then as a successful entrepreneur.

Prior to Olive, Jeremy started or invested in dozens of healthcare companies and most recently founded and led Verata Health, a venture-backed AI technology company acquired by Olive in 2019. Prior to his transition to entrepreneurship, Jeremy was an internationally recognized physician and executive at Mayo Clinic and Harvard. During his Mayo career, he held executive leadership positions for Mayo’s most profitable business, the Mayo Clinic Strategic Investment Fund, and for Global Business Development. Additionally, Jeremy served as a director on several U.S. and international boards for leading venture firms, the International Monetary Fund, and the American Cancer Society.

As Olive’s President, Payer Market, Jeremy is on a mission to transform healthcare for the good of patients, providers, and payers. His responsibilities span all activities related to Olive’s rapidly growing Payer business and coordination with Olive’s established Provider business to deliver value across the healthcare ecosystem.

Jeremy earned his M.D. at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine and his M.B.A. at Harvard Business School.

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