Delivering Life-Saving Therapies to Patients with Jeff Beck

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Episode Overview:

With deep knowledge and expertise, delivering critically needed and life-saving therapies to patients with rare, ultra-rare, and orphan diseases is our next guest’s passion and mission in life.

Jeff Beck, Chief Development Officer at Biocare, joins us to discuss his company’s three brands- BioCareSD, a leading national specialty distributor of life-saving therapies, CanyonCareRX, a full-service specialty pharmacy, and LogiCare3PL, a national provider of time and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical logistics services.

Additionally, Jeff shares why and how the company remaining patient-focused has been the key to its success since 1982.

Join us to discover how Jeff and his team at BioCare are delivering life-saving therapies to patients across our nation. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Jeff’s time with the Harlem Globetrotters prepared him for healthcare
  • Distribution and supply chain logistics during the pandemic
  • Creating the LogiCare 3PL extension
  • A look into the orphan drugs market
  • Life-changing testimonies from patients
  • BioCare’s umbrella services

About Our Guest:

As Chief Development Officer at BioCare, Jeff is responsible for setting current and future strategic direction for the company’s brands, including BioCareSD, CanyonCareRx and LogiCare3PL.

Additionally, Jeff leads the expansion and diversification of BioCare’s manufacturer and product portfolio. With a proven ability to build loyal relationships through value-driven selling and rapid problem identification and resolution, Jeff’s demonstrated capabilities include strategic planning, budgeting, employee development and cross-functional team collaboration.

Prior to joining BioCare, Jeff served as Vice President of National Accounts a Baxalta, where he was responsible for setting strategic direction and tactical execution. 

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