Democratizing Mental Health Care for Kids with Damayanti Dipayana

Almost 80% of US children who need mental health treatment do not have access to the traditional healthcare system. And, for the kids who do get treatment, only 17.6% of parents are fully satisfied with the care they receive.

For kids to have better access to mental healthcare, our next guest has made it her life’s work to create a platform that will help democratize mental health care for our youth!

In this episode, the passionate and energizing health-tech innovation leader, Damayanti Dipayana joins us. She is the CEO of Manatee- a digital platform that empowers mental health providers and families by integrating therapy into daily life.

Find out why Damayanti is so committed to bringing more awareness and solutions to pediatric mental health and how you can help the Manatee team further their incredibly important mission for some of our youngest community members across the nation.

Episode Highlights:

  • The big problem with therapy for kids
  • How do you translate therapy into daily life?
  • How Manatee is impacting the lives of children and their parents
  • How Manatee made therapy fun for kids
  • What’s next for Manatee?

About Our Guest:

Damayanti Dipayana, Co-Founder & CEO of Manatee, has been at the early beginnings of various successful startups (up to series C and a total of $76M received to date). She used to run Customer Success and Professional Services and built high performing, cross-functional teams in London and across North America (NYC, SF and LA).

She grew up in the Netherlands with a neurodiverse brother and is on a mission to reimagine behavioral health for families. She’s lived and worked in 9 different countries across 4 continents in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Through her exposure to different cultures and beliefs, she loves challenging existing assumptions through honest conversation, which is why she also founded the video production company, Be Frank.

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