Eliminating Patient Waiting Rooms with Shelby Sanderford

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After personally experiencing suboptimal solutions meant to tackle the problems present in healthcare administration, our next guest made it her mission to create game-changing technologies to empower our overburdened healthcare workers and to eliminate patient waiting rooms.

Shelby Sanderford, CEO of DOCPACE, joins us to discuss how her company is using artificial intelligence and data science to keep schedules operating at maximum throughput and streamline communication and efficiency for healthcare businesses.

Join us to learn how Shelby and her team are revolutionizing healthcare administration using their data-driven tool that allows industry leaders to run a high-volume practice and deliver high-value care. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How a pair of Toms Shoes and a Gandhi quote led to the creation of DOCPACE
  • Ho DOCPACE is benefiting both the provider and patient by eliminating wait times using AI
  • The importance of end-user feedback for the success of DOCPACE
  • Why Shelby chooses to look at the future of her company and the healthcare industry through a positive lens during these challenging times

About our Guest:

Shelby is a New Orleanian with a background in Healthcare Administration and a passion for improving healthcare logistics for providers and patients. Shelby and DOCPACE completed the Idea Village accelerator program, VillageX, where she was the recipient of the IdeaPitch Award for the 2020 Cohort. Her mission to eliminate wait time for doctor’s appointments began in 2014 when realizing advanced data science and real-time monitoring was the solution to Healthcare’s uniquely challenging coordination inefficiencies. Shelby’s patent-pending technologies efficiently align healthcare provider’s time with healthcare consumer’s needs thus reducing wait times, eliminating wait room crowding, and allowing caregivers to see more patients. She is a graduate of Tulane University’s MBA program and an alum of Southern Methodist University where she got her BS degree in Applied Physiology and Enterprise.

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