Empowering Hypertension Self-Care with Dr. Jay Shah

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Episode Overview:

During this episode, we connect with Dr. Jay Shah, Chief Medical Officer of Aktiia, a high-growth startup revolutionizing blood pressure monitoring.

Bringing deep clinical expertise, Jay is driven to apply technology to solve practical problems in medicine. While together, Jay shares how Aktiia’s innovative cuffless arm bracelet tracks optical blood pressure signals to provide continuous, actionable data. Additionally, Jay unpacks the potential to empower patients through tests assessing interventions over time, facilitated by remote monitoring. We also delve into leveraging partnerships to scale impact beyond the device itself.

Join us as Jay outlines the future of preventative, patient-centered hypertension care enabled by novel digital health technologies and gain inspiration from his dedication to improving this silent epidemic by impacting over 1 billion people worldwide. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Jay brings clinical leadership to disrupt antiquated blood pressure monitoring technology
  • Aktiia’s cuffless bracelet tracks optical signals to deliver continuous blood pressure data
  • Remote monitoring allows carefully assessing interventions over time
  • Future digital tools can empower patients in preventative self-care
  • Jay exemplifies commitment to tackling the global hypertension crisis

About our Guest:

Dr. Jay Shah has 15+ years of medical expertise and leadership in healthcare delivery at city general hospitals, to community settings, to the Mayo Clinic. He has brought his experience and expertise to the Swiss startup Aktiia, to change the paradigm of how the world’s most common disease – hypertension – is understood and managed. Also an angel investor and advisor, he is passionate about applying technology to solve practical problems in medicine and believes strongly in the power of positive thinking and collaboration.

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