Empowering Nurse Practitioners with Sylvia Hastanan

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With over 20 years of experience working to solve rising costs and uneven quality of care, our next guest is redefining holistic value-based care and expanding primary care access with a focus on bettering the professional lives of nurse practitioners everywhere.

Sylvia Hastanan, CEO of Greater Good Health, joins us to discuss her company’s tech-enabled, dialogue-driven healthcare network that provides holistic, clinically expert, and value-based care through prioritizing patient and caregiver needs, with a specific focus on empowering nurse practitioners.

Join us to discover how Sylvia and the Greater Good Health team are creating a game-changing experience to empower nurse practitioners to take charge of their lives and careers so they can best serve their patients. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Sylvia’s experience in provider services and her observations on the industry’s physician-centered model.
  • Why Greater Good Health’s platform is centered on supporting nurse practitioners to thrive in primary care.
  • How end-user feedback is what is differentiating Greater Good Health’s nurse-centered platform.
  • Sylvia’s observations of healthcare moving away from quantitative care and migrating towards qualitative value-based care.

About Our Guest:

Sylvia has spent her career trying to “fix healthcare,” aiming to solve struggling rising costs and uneven quality. With almost two decades of healthcare experience, Sylvia brings to Greater Good Health her talent for marrying clinical and business operations and translating that union into value. With patients and providers always at top of mind, she took on roles to systematically transform the care delivery model for both the payer and the provider.

She has a deep understanding of the healthcare system, specifically in managed care and value-based models. As an operator, Sylvia has pioneered medical management programs that address the needs of the highest-risk patients. As a strategist, she has developed innovative initiatives to improve provider burnout, patient experience, evidence-based practice, and leadership development. Sylvia resides in Manhattan Beach, CA with her husband and three daughters.

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