Expert Coronavirus Updates | Session 11

During this expert Coronavirus update, we learned from a globally-recognized family guidance teacher and how she is applying her expertise to the crisis this pandemic has created.

After more than 15 years of teaching the Guidance Approach to Parenting, Katherine Winter-Sellery founded the Conscious Parenting Revolution to help people locate and understand their own triggers, avoid family resentment developing into retaliation, rebellion, and resistance. Her desire is to support parents to create safe and stable homes and families, especially during the societal shifts COVID-19 has created.

While together, Katherine also shared her very personal and touching experience with racism and how she is also applying her work to the current societal unrest after George Floyd’s murder.

I’m grateful for Katherine’s passion, determination, and mission to bring her expert perspective and guidance to families during these trying times for so many of us across our country and beyond.

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