Expert Coronavirus Updates with April Gill | Session 39

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The COVID-19 vaccine offers incredible hope and optimism for our nation. However, the mere availability of the vaccine will not ensure every American will get the shot. Getting people vaccinated against the virus will require personalized and consistent outreach.

During this episode, April Gill, Chief Strategy Officer at Welltok, joins us to discuss her company’s recent COVID-19 vaccine consumer report and why Welltok is uniquely positioned to help our communities receive their shot.

While together, April discusses the key findings in the report, which includes who consumers think will get vaccinated, the best ways to get consumers’ attention and drive action, as well as the most significant barriers to people getting vaccinated.

Join us as we discuss this critical topic as we continue to work together to move the health of our nation forward. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • April overviews Welltok’s report regarding COVID-19 vaccine consumer report
  • Why Welltok is uniquely positioned to help providers, health plans and employers with the COVID-19 vaccine and beyond
  • Key lessons learned from the report and where we go from here

About our Guest:

April Gill is the Chief Strategy Officer at Welltok, a consumer activation company. April oversees the development of market solutions at Welltok, which help to solve critical business challenges for a variety of organizations including employers and health plans. She’s dedicated her 20+ year career to improving lives and the experience of health and wellbeing through innovative technology.

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